Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Otak kita

JAWAB SECARA SPONTAN: menguji sejauh mana konsentrasi kita.. :)) - jawab spontan, jangan byk fikir, - baca satu demi satu, - concentrate! - KITA MULA : permainan konsentrasi warna : 1. Kertas A4 apa warna dia ? 2. Asap warna dia ? 3. Tisu warna dia apa ? 4. Lembu minum apa ? yang jawab susu konsentrasi anda terganggu, sbb lembu minum air.. 1. Rambut anda warna apa ? 2. Tulisan ini warnanya apa ? 3. Jalan raya warnanya apa ? 4. Kelawar tidurnya bila ? yang jawab malam, ertinya kosentrasi anda terganggu. sbb kelawar tidur siang hari. 1. Warna cendol apa ? 2. Daun kelapa warnanya apa ? 3. Warna bagi kebanyakkan rumput ? 4. Harimau makanannya apa ? yang jawab rumput itu salah. sbb harimau makan daging. * sy sendiri pun dah terkena tdi. xD

Sunday, 15 January 2012


  7 Superb Sentences     Shakespeare....  "Never Play With The Feelings Of Others  Because You May Win The Game  But The Risk Is That You Will Surely Lose  The Person For A Life Time".     Napoleon....  "The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people,  But because of the silence of good people!"     Einstein....  "I am thankful to all those who said NO to me It's because of them I did it myself.." Abraham Lincoln....  "If friendship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person in the world"     Shakespeare....  "Laughing Faces Do Not Mean That There Is Absence Of Sorrow!  But It Means That They Have The Ability To Deal With It".     William Arthur....  "Opportunities Are Like Sunrises,  If You Wait Too Long You Can Miss Them".     Hitler....  "When You Are In The Light, Everything  Follows You,  But When You Enter Into The Dark, Even Your Own Shadow Doesn't Follow You."     Shakespeare....  "Coin Always Makes Sound But The Currency  Notes Are Always Silent. So When Your Value Increases  Keep Yourself Calm and Silent"     Dr Abdul Kalaam....  "It Is Very Easy To Defeat Someone, But It Is Very Hard To Win Someone"     


1) Kuih apa yang bungkusnya di dalam, isinya di luar? Answer: Kuih salah bikin. 2) Binatang apa power Karate? Answer: Kuda belang.cube kira berapa black belt dia ada. 5) Siape yang menemukan dompet kulit? Answer: Yang menemukan dompet kulit tersebut tolong pulangkan kepada saya. 7) Pintu ape yang walaupun dengan 10 org pun tak leh nak tolak? Answer: Pintu yang ade tulis 'TARIK' 8) Saya ada 3 kepala,4 tangan dan 5 kaki...siapakah saya? Answer: Pembohong... 9) Apa dia 'Jauh di mata, dekat di hati'? Answer: Usus 10) Binatang ape yang seluruh anggota tubuhnya kat kepala? Answer: Kutu rambut 11) Nenek sapa jalannya meloncat-loncat? Answer: Neneknye si katak 12) Knape lelaki jarang kene penyakit anjing gila? Answer: Sebab lelaki ni kan 'buaya' 13)Ape beza sekretari baik ngan sekretari kurang baik? Answer: - Sekretari baik..................'Selamat pagi tuan' - Sekretari kurang baik...........'Dah pagi ni tuan' 14) Ape persamaan Michael Jordan ngan Michael Jackson? Answer: Dua-dua tak kenal korang...hehe 15) Tukang ape yang kalau dipanggil, die menjenguk ke atas? Answer: Tukang gali kubur 16) Nak mencari sikit punye susah, bile dah dapat buang ape bendanya? Answer: Tahi hidung 17) Ape persamaan kain jemuran ngan telefon? Answer: Dua-dua kalau dah 'kringgg' bole diangkat... 18) Kenape pokok kelapa kat depan rumah harus ditebang? Answer: Mestilah kene tebang, sape nak cabut pokok kelapa ...gile apa...!! 19) Gajah terbang dengan apa? Answer: Dengan susah payah......

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Read the labels

ALWAYS READ THE LABELS ON THE FOODS YOU BUY--NO MATTER WHAT THE FRONT OF THE BOX OR PACKAGE SAYS, TURN IT OVER AND READ THE BACK---CAREFULLY!With all the food and pet products now coming from China, it is best to make sure you read label at the supermarket and especially Walmart (ASDA - US owned) when buying food products. Many products no longer show where they were made, only give where the distributor is  located. The whole world is concerned about China-made "black hearted goods". Can you differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or  China ? The world is also concerned about GM (Genetically Modified) foods; steroid fed animals etc in USA. It is important to read the bar code to track its origin. How to read Bar Codes .... interesting! This may be useful to know when grocery shopping, if it's a concern to you. GREAT WAY TO "BUY UK" AND NOT FROM CHINA or USA!! If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN  CHINA.  471 is Made in Taiwan . If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 00 - 09 then it's made or sourced in USA This is our right to know, but the government and related departments never educate the public, therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves. Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products "MADE IN CHINA", so they don't show from which country it is made.  However, you may now refer to the barcode - remember if the first 3 digits are: 690-692 ... then it is MADE IN  CHINA 00 - 09 ...  USA  &  CANADA 30 - 37   FRANCE 40 - 44  GERMANY 471 ...  Taiwan 49 ... JAPAN 50 ...  UK BUY UK made by watching for "50" at the beginning of the number. We need every boost we can get!  Pass this on to everybody .  The government won't help us, so we MUST help ourselves. 

10 places women want to be touched

10 places women want to be touched Forget a woman's cleavage, there are more erogenous spots that you can now explore to get your lady sexcited. Read on to discover her ten most sensuous body parts waiting to be discovered. Women are sensuous creatures and they love being kissed and caressed. What guys often mistake is that they go straight for the woman's breasts or other private parts, without concentrating on her other moan zones. So, if you want to get your gal into the mood, stimulate some of her often-neglected body parts. Touch these places during for*play and sex, or just give her some pleasure after a hard day and she'll surely reward you with brownie points in bed. Tresses All guys like women with gorgeous locks. But what you need to know is that women love being touched on their head. It's quite a stress reliever. Running your hands sensuously through her tresses is likely to send shivers down her spine. Massage her temples to the nape of her neck and she’ll be game to your desires. Nape of her neck In ancient Japan, the back of a woman’s neck was considered extremely attractive by men as it was one of the few zones that were not covered by the elaborate kimono. Today, very few men focus on the nape of the neck, but we suggest you build up the pleasure by gentle touching and kissing your lady love from her hairline down to her shoulders. It will make her reach dizzying heights of pleasure. Collar bone A well-defined collarbone is what men find irresistible. So, why not touch and kiss her there. Unbutton her shirt just a little and stimulate her collarbone with your touch. Create circles with your tongue and give her love bites right there, just to remind her of how much you want her. Small of her back Most women love it when their guy places his protective hand against the small of her back as it shows that he feels very strongly about her. So, why not incorporate this gesture into your for*play routine, by kissing or licking down her spine to end up with a kiss on the small of her back. It will definitely get her into the mood for more! Behind her knees This area is a power house of sensitive nerve endings. You can gently caress the back of her knee under her skirt while the two of you are in an open public space as it is sure to get her excited by the time you reach home. Palms of her hands We use our hands to please our partners, but have you ever thought that you could arouse a woman by stimulating the palm of her hand? Run your finger along her palm as that will make her feel relaxed and ready for a sexy rendezvous ahead. Her earlobes This is one of the most erogenous moan centers of a woman's body. Touching, kissing and even gently biting her earlobes will send her into a sexual tizzy. If you are getting extra adventurous, simply nibble around the outside of the rest of her ear as well, but don't put your tongue inside her ear. That's a major turn off! Happy feet There's nothing more sinfully seductive than a foot massage. It will help her relax, especially if her job requires her to be on them all day. Get yourself some aromatic massage oil or lotion. Pay extra attention to the pressure points such as her toes, ankles and the sides of her feet too. Some women love enjoy having their toes sucked, but others find it repulsive, so ask your babe what she would have you do before putting them in your mouth. Soft thighs Touching a woman's inner thighs without touching her private parts is the most sensual tease that is sure to get her all charged up. Employ your hands and mouth to caress and kiss the insides of her thighs, remember to pull back before going all